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Walking the Road - a Temporary Public Art Project

I have been working towards completing my Masters Degree in Fine Art focusing on Public Art (at WITS) and am delighted to have this opportunity to do a live experiment with the basic tenets of my thesis.

The title of my study is"Contemporary Stagings of the Tableau Vivant" and considers using narrative as a way of inspiring dialogue between us as the public and a public art piece.

It is a great privilege to tell this story to my fellow South Africans as a homage to all who in their daily civilian life make the choice to "Walk the Road" and in so doing build a nation that is able to fly.

The Little Girl in my fable-like interpretation thus represents a young South African democracy and the Dragonfly visualises a dream of freedom, equality and hope that we as a nation persue.

On a personal level, it is also a reminder to each of us of the hope that we individually live for and of the dreams that mark our lives, our own story.

The 18 sculptures are to be on the Promenade for twelve months and will be removed again in June 2011.

Walking the Road is set in place with the permission of the Sea Point Ward Council and Sub Committees.  It is something of a pilot project towards a more detailed Public Art Policy for the City of Cape Town with the hope that there will be more Public Art to follow in the City at large. 

For the project Walking the Road, however, all responsibility for sculptures, installation, maintenance and removal is that of the artist.

I am honoured to be sharing this story with you.

Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe